Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's a century!

All I can say is ....hurray!!

I was not happy with the response I was getting for a long time when I opened my first Etsy shop on 21st May 2011. Still I kept working, trying, updating, experimenting, learning and what not. As most Etsyians do, I kept reading (and still do) the Etsy Success and Featured Seller articles to know more about them, their success, their tips and suggestions. Slowly and steadily my selling increased, I got repeat buyers, great feedbacks (100%.positive!... yay!!!)  And it's today! Folk Stroke celebrates 100 sales!

I had a goal of reaching 100 sales within one year of shop opening. To my satisfaction, I could reach the goal before time! I’m very thankful to all my buyers who appreciated my work enough to purchase. Their feedbacks are encouragements for me! THANK YOU EVERYONE! Thank you for liking my shop, featuring my items in your gorgeous treasuries and for buying from Folk Stroke!

To celebrate, I am offering storewide flat 10% discount on every purchase this week!

Thank you once again! Wish me luck!