Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sequin Eye Applique! My new unique custom request!

As I have always said, I love custom orders! I love to create new and unique appliques! I love to experiment and offer one of a kind appliques to my buyers!
Many handmade appliques from my shop are born out of custom inquiries! I am lucky to have creative buyers who visualize and suggest some changes according to their need and that gives birth to a new custom applique!

Here is a very unique sequin applique I am making for a lovely lady. An eye applique!!! I am so very excited! Well, there is a secret behind the excitement which only few people know.....Aboli making a sequin  EYE applique! hmmmm.... may be this is not the time to reveal the secret.......!!!!! Let's keep it for some other time.

This was the sample I made. The finishing is not accurate though. Now I am working on the proper custom order! Really happy!

Want these? Contact me right away!

I have a good news to share............little waiting please!