Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting ready for the next half year

It's midyear. Time to revise the things done, not done, to be done, not to be done, planned & to be planned for the next half.

I have taken time out to breathe before I jump into busy holiday season sales for my online shops. I just finished rearranging my workspace,

stocked up supplies and now getting prepared to build the inventory for Folk Stroke for fall and winter abroad and monsoon in my country! Also to build up the stock of my BESTSELLER ITEMS.

Lots of stuff is still marked 'to be done' in my to do list. This happens with you too, right?

One thing I do all the time is to keep my notebook handy. Ideas come anytime and I can make note of them, sketch a new applique pattern or warli paintings. I can now start working on the ideas.

I am now completing a project of warli painting on saree for my friend's mother. I was wanting to complete this project for a while but could not do because of my Etsy shop's busy sales.

A glimpse of the border when I started....
warli border painting on saree using Fevicryl hobby ideas cone liner.

I am also painting few new Madhubani paintings & warli paintings for NOVICA

July will be busy. And I am superexcited and looking forward to a great romantic monsoon outside my window while I paint or create appliques in my home studio!!

More to come shortly...!