Sunday, March 11, 2012


An artist can get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it is 2 am late night or even under shower (yes it happens with me quite often!)
Nowadays, I am into a mood of creating appliques. I think the Spring colors are inspiring me! This is the birth story of my recently listed Multicolor Rhinestone Applique Medallion Spring Flower in my Etsy shop.

One fine morning last week I was reading our local newspaper and enjoying a cup of tea with my husband. I saw an advertisement from a local jewelry shop with image of a beautiful stud earring.

The stone colors were so beautiful and the design was very attractive. I suddenly rushed to get my rhinestone box. My husband was first surprised but then he knew that as usual I had the 'creative attack'.
I opened the box and arranged few clear and colored rhinestones and how amazing it was looking!
I started working on it.

Central clear rhinestone surrouded by small sizes similar crystals.
Rough purl work in golden color.

Antique gold sequin work started.